Capsule Wardrobe

Built with ethical basics


Building a capsule wardrobe isn't an easy task, but a task well worth it. If you can gather a selection of good quality, versatile pieces that you will commit to wearing throughout the year, you can drastically reduce the amount of clothing you would buy on a yearly basis. 

A huge part of a capsule wardrobe are the base pieces that accentuate the outer layer items. Having the perfect t-shirt on hand or easy wearing tank creates diversity in your wardrobe and adds layering options. 

Dorsu Core Collection is designed as a base for your wardrobe, and a starter kit for your capsule wardrobe. Base items, such as basic tees, tank dresses and tank tops are the most reliable, used and versatile items in your closet. Buying quality items that last means you set yourself up for ease in wearing, washing and caring. And basics are the best for travel. 

Browse our Core Collection below and New Classics to add a splash of colour and design detail. 


Colour is key. 

Standard colours such as white, black, navy and grey are easy to wear, match, wash and care for. When putting together your capsule wardrobe, consider colour combinations and ensure your items are easy to pair together. 

Layer it up.

Having a selection of basics such as regular t-shirts, tanks and long sleeves allows you to wear items together, keeping warm with layers or changing the look of each item. 

Find it, wear it, love it. 

When you find your key pieces and they last you through the seasons, stick to them. Look after your basics and they will look after you. 

Find the perfect tee. 

A staple in most men's wardrobes is the ever-reliable t-shirt. Finding the perfect style, fit, fabric and colour combination can be hard, but totally worth the hunt. Stock up on good quality tees and you will be set for easy layers and everyday outfits.