Beyond the Label- A Documentary


Garment workers, Bangladesh. Photo courtesy of Beyond the Label. 

Garment workers, Bangladesh. Photo courtesy of Beyond the Label. 

Beyond the Label is a documentary that aims to explore existing innovations in attempt to redefine the current approach to garment production and consumption.


Working with a team of experts and innovators from all over the world, the documentary will explore the themes of social responsibility and environmental impact of the global garment industry. Understanding that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to the industry’s complex issues, the production of this film will attempt to explore existing and relevant innovations, joining the dots and contributing toward a greater solution for a sustainable industry wide model.


“...we believe that a collective issue can only be solved collectively.”


With the support of the global community, this documentary can provide a solutions focused approach to reshaping an industry that affects us all on a daily basis. With our help, the funds can be raised to research, produce and market the documentary. Are you ready for a better industry, for some change to start taking place? This could be the beginning- let’s see where it goes.

Beyond the Label film trailer. 



You can support the Beyond the Label Kickstarter campaign here

With only 4 days remaining to achieve their goal (the campaign ends January 12th), our support can help to bring this film to life and contribute to achieving an ethical industry and sustainable future, for everyone. 

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