Top Picks: Ethical Gift Guides


Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Be creative and have fun with your gift giving!  Featured: a cotton t-shirt for your ethical capsule wardrobe / pot plants to spruce up your home or office. 

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Be creative and have fun with your gift giving! 

Featured: a cotton t-shirt for your ethical capsule wardrobe / pot plants to spruce up your home or office. 

As a follow on from our recent article A Merry, Ethical Christmas, we have gathered our top Ethical Gift Guides, for when we do decide to purchase a gift for a loved one and want to make a positive impact by doing so.


When we do head out to the shops, let’s keep in mind that money is power, and we can use this power this Christmas as a chance to cast our vote, and vote for the brands and products that look after our world and it’s people. With increased consumer and brand awareness around the negative  effects of garment production and the fashion industry, there are more and more  brands popping up all over the world offering ethically and sustainably produced and sourced products. In support of this, there are loads of blogs and bloggers out there advocating for these brands, providing detailed information on where to shop, what to look for and what impact we can make as consumers.


Here is a collated list of our favourite Gift Guides, to help you easily gather information and shop ethically this Christmas.


A Minimalist Christmas

The Good Edit

Have yourself a minimalist Christmas with these easy tips from Good On You. Similar to our guide, the article shows us that gifts don’t have to physical and sometimes a little thought and creativity can go a long way.


Exclusive, limited-edition Gifts

The Social Outfit

Our friends from The Social Outfit have collated their top gift ideas in a visually beautiful and festive way. Browse their collection of limited-run clothing and accessories, as well as bits and pieces from collaborations and ethical brands stocked in their store.


Presents for everyone

Sustainably Chic

From clothing to homewares to travel and babies, this collection of Gift Guides has you sorted for all your family and friends. Browse curated gifts for all budgets and even score yourself a discount code or two.


Zero-waste (and very useful) gifts

Eco Warrior Princess

Gifts can be difficult, especially if we aren’t sure the receiver wants, needs and will actually use what we buy them. Everyday, useful, zero-waste gifts, such as those included in this guide, will ensure your choices will make a difference to someone's everyday life and their impact on the environment.  


Feminist inspired gift giving

#womenmade, by Future of Women

Celebrating creative and adventurous women, Future of Women bring you a marketplace packed full of brands and products created by women, all over the world.


Gifts for Him & Her

The Good Trade

Her: ethical AND beautiful gifts that support artisan craftsmanship, communities and the environment.

Him:  meaningful, minimalist gifts for an conscious lifestyle.


An information packed Podcast

Still Being Molly  

If you have limited shopping and internet browsing time, try something a little different and listen to this podcast on your way to work or while you’re baking Christmas treats for top tips on brands and products. Read through the list in the blog post for discount codes.


Gifts that Give Back

Redemption Market

A comprehensive list of ethical, sustainable and fair trade brands from all over the world. Broken into categories, the list provides a good selection of brands where you will be sure to find a gift for everyone.


Christmas and beyond

Project Just

This guide is a great first stop to browse resources, gather your information and shop smarter. Gather your thoughts on shopping through these resources and take actions into your Christmas shopping and beyond.


A little gift giving to yourself

The Green Hub’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Enter the competition to win products from an extensive list of ethical and sustainable brands. Explore The Green Hub to find brands and products through their directory, read about industry issues through their blog and be inspired to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Gifts for an Ethical Capsule Wardrobe

If you have an Ethical Gift Guide or know of another one, please share with us and comment below!

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