From the Floor Series: End Product


Image via Outland Denim. 

Image via Outland Denim. 

From the Floor Series is a further insight into what we do at Dorsu, how and why. Have you ever wondered where your clothes were made? What the production process is? Who makes them? Well we would like to show you, every step of the way, from idea generation to final product. 

This chapter is all about our end product - the result of what our team gather together each day to achieve. the final stages of our product, and how they get to you from us.


We design and make for you

Our designs are based on what our customers want - from years of working in the industry, gathering feedback from our customers and working against sales, we slowly building out collections that reflect exactly what our customer is after. We test and trial pieces in our Kampot stores and continue to improve items to be the absolute best they can be.

Because we choose to work this way, we don’t produce massive amounts of stock that we store as inventory and attempt to sell. We currently work on a demand system- where we produce against sales and keep highest selling products running through production. This means we don’t have to store massive amounts of clothing at a time and make sure we are focusing our time and energy on what our customers want.


Purposeful Product

Our final product is designed to be a piece of clothing that it’s wearer can rely on, through all seasons, in any occasion and for all purposes. In the first installment of our From the Floor series, we touched on our design process and our intentions behind what we create. Each item is designed and crafted with its end-use as a guiding force - we want Dorsu clothing to not only fit into your wardrobe, but in your into your lifestyle as well.

As consumers, we don’t believe in the concept of buying bundles of new and trendy pieces each season, rather we like to invest in well made pieces that never go out of fashion. Because this is how we like to shop, this is how we chose create our clothing, focusing on high quality pieces for a well planned, coordinating capsule wardrobe. Read our piece about capsule wardrobes and the benefits of reducing your closet to a trusty selection of everyday items.



When you shop at Dorsu either in-store or online, we package all your purchases in reusable bags made from small amounts or left over pieces of jersey from our production. We design these bags to be multi-purposeful - they are perfect little travel bags, laundry bags, toiletry bags - the list is endless. We don’t use plastic, and where we can we use recycled or scrap materials for anything and everything in our production and store spaces. Although Cambodia has quite a serious country wide issue with disposable plastics, we have a plastic free workspace, where disposable plastic is on it’s way to being completely eliminated from the building.


Where you can find us

Our internal sales avenues stretch across 3 locations and two different platforms. We have two physical stores in Cambodia, and an online store which is currently based out of Tasmania, Australia.

Dorsu Flagship Store

35E0 Old Market, Kampot, Cambodia.

Our flagship store is where it all began. With our rather small team and limited production capacity, we started building the Dorsu you know today out of our double storey town house right in the heart of Kampot. We ran the store downstairs, with a small but efficient production space upstairs. In 2015, we ran a crowdfunding campaign, in which we raised the funds to renovate a much larger production space, and initiate the first steps in achieving bigger and better things for Dorsu. In July 2016, we moved our production across to our Rd 33 Production Studio, and later that year we opened our studio store. We have kept our Flagship in Old Market, where you can find our friendly retail team, lead by superstar Set, spending their days with the bustling traffic in the centre of town. Top tip - this is the store in which we locate the majority of our sale items, so if you come through Kampot, be sure to check out both stores to get your hands on some bargains!

Dorsu Rd 33 Studio Store

Junction of Rd 33 & St 736, Kampot, Cambodia.

Our Production Studio and Store space is located just on the edge of town, along the road to Kep. This is where all the day to day magic happens, with all of our operations under the one roof. When visiting our store, you can see production taking place, and really get the feel for how your clothes are being made and by who. It’s a fairly unique situation to have both the production and sale of clothing in the one space, and for customers and visitors to be able to see this. We are super proud to be able to share this with everyone, and love the opportunity it creates for people to see and learn more about the industry and processes behind clothing production. An extra reason to drop by Dorsu- we are located right next door (technically under the same roof, as we share a building that used to be a salt warehouse) to Cafe Espresso, Kampot’s famous coffee roastery and number one food destination. We teamed up with the Espresso crew and have built a unique and creative space, joined by an open courtyard, becoming a destination for visitors to eat, drink and shop locally made products.

Dorsu online store

Since you’re reading this article, you have already found your way onto our online platform, selling our Dorsu collections across the globe. Our online store is based in Tasmania, where we ship all orders directly to our customers. Our audience are global, conscious consumers with a love of travel,

You can also find Dorsu at:

Eco|mono, Ethi, The Social Outfit, and until the end of February at the South Melbourne Night Market. Visit us at the night market each Thursday from 5.30pm to see Dorsu clothing up close and personal.

We want to bring as many people as we can on board the journey to disrupting the current approach to garment production and consumption - and we hope this From the Floor Series shines some light on the purpose behind being and running an ethical clothing company. With everyone on board, some big changes can be made for the industry, it’s workers, and the environment. As a producer and retailer, it’s important to us to be open and honest about what we do, being transparent about our operations and impact, so that as our customers, you can make informed decisions around consumption and know the impact your choices have.

We would like to open up the next phase of our From the Floor series to you, our readers and customers. Please share any questions, comments, ideas, queries and concerns - and we will address them through this series. You can comment below, contact us here or get in touch via Facebook or Instagram. Let’s chat!

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