Dorsu Way


Buy Better: Be informed, seek well designed and well made products.

Travel Often: Be curious, explore, experience and appreciate.

Be You: Be honest, be real and own it. You are great.


Buying clothes that have been made fairly does not have to mean sacrificing an appreciation for design or a love for beautiful things. Designed and made in-house at our production studio, our "way" is challenging the conventional approach of today's fashion industry.

The Dorsu Way is about being real. We are people making clothing for people who work hard, travel often and experience life. Imagine a world where clothing isn't seen as disposable and where ethical production isn't seen as charity.



In-house Design & Production

All Dorsu clothing is designed and produced in-house at our production studio in Kampot, Cambodia. We design, pattern make, sample, cut, sew, package and sell our Dorsu clothing under one roof, at our very own production studio. We do not compromise- our clothing is high quality and made under fair conditions.

See more about our production here.

Limited Runs

Producing with remnant fabric means that we work with limited amounts of fabric and colours. When purchasing new fabric we are only able to buy what is available.

Our production runs are limited and each collection we release is exclusive to a colour and style combination. Our clothing is consistently limited edition without being driven by trend

We don't believe in mass production and mass consumerism. It is rare to house design and production all under one roof, giving us an edge and ability to respond to our customers’ demand, and produce only what we know is going to be used, worn and loved.


Versatile Cotton Basics

We work with our customers to create a wardrobe that stretches across seasons and suits all purposes, rather than releasing seasonal collections influenced by temporary industry trends. Capsule Wardrobes are our thing- building a base for your wardrobe with reliable, versatile and quality basics in block colours that can be worn in endless ways.

Core Collection

Dorsu Core Collection has been built based on what our customers want. We have taken our consistent best sellers in base colours and versatile designs to build a selection of always available, affordable and reliable items. All year round, consistent price.

Pop Collections

Dorsu Pop Collections are our newest items, in new styles and colours. Pop collections are designed as additional basics to your capsule wardrobe, with a little extra  colour and detail to diversify your wardrobe. Produced in small runs, these collections are exclusive to Dorsu.


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